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Retriever Training is an experience that is full of sights and sounds. If you can't be out there doing it the next best thing is to still experience it through high quality video. That is what we are all about. DuckDog.TV brings you the best Retriever Training shows and independent video of Retriever Training anywhere... period. Countless hours can be spent trying to watch our entire collection. It is a great way to kill some time between hunts or during the off season.

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Long Hollow OutdoorsLong Hollow Outdoors

Join Long Hollow Outdoors on our non stop adventure as we strive to share all that the Northwest has to offer in World Class Waterfowl and Upland Bird Hunting with Great Retrievers and Classy Bird Dogs. Host, Producer and Professional Gun Dog Trainer Ryan Fortier, along with many of his close family and friends, Billy Ward, Josh Wolff, Paul Harrington, Sean Bryan, Matt Tuttle, Ted Truglio, Johnny Boitano, Todd Thayer and many more, are all Northwest Natives, Professionals in the Outdoor industry and dedicated Sportsman...

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